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Lara's Journal

Even The Best Fall Down Sometimes...

As for me, you can call me Lara. I like it and It fits my personality. Mostly my blog is about whatever I want to write about. I hate people who don't listen and I get a lot of those kinds of people in my life. It's easy to take my stress out in writing. I'm girl who can form strong opinions about things and is easy to get in a fight to defend what I'm passionate about. I'm the girl people look at and then turn away. I'm never good enough for anyone and yet I don't care. Maybe it's completely my doing that I live my life that way. I'm a writer and I plan on becoming a novelist sooner or later. I also plan on becoming the owner of a buisness one day. I'm headstrong and though it doesn't seem like it, I have a lot of emotional fears. Oh and yes I will start world domination one day and you will all be my evil mignons. Yes that is how it will be.
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